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@mwlucas dude, pay her without the need for her to work. @Gargron the Ghibli playlist is populated today with tracks in Spain, so it's possible that it's also available in other European countries. @Gargron music rights are a mess, if you follow the Spotify link[1] to the "This is STUDIO GHIBLI" playlist in the article you will see a lot of tracks greyed out. That's because the rights are for other countries but not for yours (or mine). They probably have it ready for US and JP.



Personally I don't expect anything good from the GNU Project. From an outsider perspective the situation shows that the rot will not cease when Stallman leaves the project.

I only hope that the people that are currently doing this big effort in making GNU more inclusive don't burn out.

GNU is Not Unique, and much less the FSF. The Software Freedom Conservancy reacted promptly and assertively[1] to Stallman's words last September.

Freedom is always a fork away.


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I've been following the madness at the project since last September and it's quite awful. The effort by some GNU maintainers to make it inclusive, first with a joint statement[1] and more recently with a collaborative social contract[2] has been received with a lot of hate and spite by Stallman's lackeys[3] to the point of turning list moderation into aggravation[4]


@Ale_jandro @fanta a finales de los 90 en Madrid había encuentros de ACERO, la Asociación de Contactados Europeos con Recuerdos Oclusivos. También tenía una revista que se llamaba Advertencia.

@ekaitz_zarraga I moved to Hugo because in that sense it's better mannered than Jekyll but even with that I am starting to think of rolling my own.

My needs are really basic and Hugo and Jekyll are too complex.

@ekaitz_zarraga @fanta eso es que el autocorrector sabe que es madrileño y al ver una z al final asumió que quería decir pad.

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@dthompson @cwebber

Since I saw the joint statement[1] in the Guix site I wanted to thank all the people signing it for taking a stand but never found a good moment to do so.

I'm not sure of where this will end concerning the GNU project, but you're doing great good. And I feel better knowing that there are people like you in computing projects.


@Gargron sounds good. I'll listen to it.

As you like progressive rock, do you know Harmonium?

Harmonium - Histoires sans paroles

From the album "Si on avait besoin d'une cinquième saison"

@fanta los antivirus en Linux se ponen en canales expuestos al exterior (subida de archivos, por ejemplo) pero no se usan antivirus residentes que controlen la memoria.

Aparte comienza a haber muchos sistemas como NixOS o Flatpak que utilizan ficheros estáticos, por lo que en sistemas de escritorio podrias denegar ejecutar código fuera de espacios estáticos.

También existe SELinux. Hay muchos más sistemas de seguridad que el antivirus y más efectivos.

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